The Mind Palace: A Sherlock RP

A new, active Sherlock Role Play, open to anyone. So what are you waiting for? The game is afoot!
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 Rules for The Mind Palace

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PostSubject: Rules for The Mind Palace   Tue Mar 26, 2013 9:17 pm

1. In each thread, there will be someone different playing the canon characters to give everyone a chance. Please submit a paragraph or so giving us a sample of your writing for that character, and you'll be assigned by myself or a moderator. Writing should be in the third person from your character's POV.

2. Discussion should take place in a separate thread from the RP threads.

3. If you want me to open a separate thread for a new plot, AU, or pairing, feel free to go ahead and ask.

4. If two characters are to... do "it" (cue giggling), please have the scene fade to black and time skip to afterwards. I know, I know, but this website won't be happy with us and will cancel the forum if you're caught. So, please, just be aware. Kissing, and innuendo/allusions are fine.

5. All OC's should create a profile to be submitted to me or a moderator. We will either clear them or give you things to fix.

6. Swearing is allowed, as well as violence-- in the RP, of course.

7. Please follow the golden rule and be polite to your fellow members on the site. This includes keeping spoilers for season three in the separate discussion thread.

If one of these rules is broken, you will receive a warning. Two offenses will get you banned.

Again, thank you, everyone. Enjoy!
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Rules for The Mind Palace
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